About Affordable Solar Solutions – LA’s Top Solar Installations Company

Affordable Solar Solutions is family owned and operated in sunny Los Angeles, California. We are here to help you Power Your Life with green energy.

Affordable Solar Solutions specializes in residential, utility grid connected, solar electric power systems using only the best quality equipment.

Our primary purpose is to help you and your family become energy independent.

We will assist you with all aspects of your solar power system installation. This includes design, financing, rebate paperwork, permits and quality installation. Installations are performed by a California licensed, bonded and insured C-10 Electrical Contractor. We will also give you valuable energy saving tips that will help you conserve electricity today so you can start saving money right away. When you contact Affordable Solar Solutions, you can expect a response to your calls or e-mails within 24 hours, if not immediately.
Our promise to you is a commitment to quality, and a satisfying, personal customer service experience before, during, and after the installation of your solar power system.

My wife, Mollie, and I created Affordable Solar Solutions for three reasons:

• To inform homeowners, families, and communities that solar power can be a cost-effective alternative to utility supplied electricity.

• To join you in the fight against global warming by providing products and services that will reduce the energy impact on our planet and eliminate carbon emissions.

• To promise a brighter future for our family, by building Affordable Solar Solutions on the values of honesty, integrity, and commitment to the environment.

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Together, we can make a difference by “living green” at home.

-Affordable Solar Solutions Team

Contact Affordable Solar Solutions Today! (323) 613-3386