Benefits of Residential Solar in Los Angeles, CA

10 Great Reasons to Contact Affordable Solar Solutions Today!

•  Reduce or eliminate your electric bill 
 Fix your electricity cost today 
 Protect against utility rate hikes 
 Increase the value of your home without increasing your property taxes
•  Receive a cash rebate 
 Fight global warming 
 Reduce your carbon emissions and energy impact 
 Reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil 
 Generate your own clean power
•  Enjoy reliable energy

Although there are many positive attributes for solar power and many uses, below are four clear benefits of installing a solar electric system on your home today.

Protects you against rising utility rates

Living in Los Angeles can be expensive and with the demand for electricity increasing, and supply decreasing rates will continue to escalate as this shortage causes price surges. In California, rates have increased an average of 6% a year since 1970 which means utility rates are rising faster than inflation.

Solar Power is Always a Smart Investment

An investment in a solar power system is as profitable as any other type of investment. Your initial rate of return can easily be in double digits over time. Whether you plan a staying in the same home forever or renovating a home to for resale investing in

Utilizing Solar Energy is Environmentally Responsible

We all know about our climate’s vulnerable state. Our pollution is causing catastrophic global climate changes. The changes will continue until we turn away from fossil fuels and start using clean renewable energy sources. A small 3k watt solar power system will eliminate 93 tons of greenhouse gases over its lifetime. That is equal to not driving 186,000 miles or planting 534,660 square feet of trees.

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