You may notice more and more solar panels going up in your LA neighborhood, as your neighbors take the leap into clean energy. Living in Los Angeles provides the perfect weather and clean energy culture for anyone wanting to make a move to solar.

Sunshine is abundant

Los Angeles is literally a natural fit for taking advantage of the sun’s power.  There’s a good reason that California is leading the country in solar installations. The same sunny climate that draws tourists and residents makes it quite likely that your roof is well-suited for solar panel installation.

As a matter of fact, Southern California has such an abundance of sunshine, that it’s more likely than not for your home to be suitable. You can even look up your own address to see what the potential is on your rooftop or carport.

Generally, it takes less solar panels to take care of the power needs of a home in the Los Angeles area that it does for other parts of the country.

Government support

LA has the support of both state and local governments for solar power initiatives. On a state level, California has a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that requires utilities to derive at least 33% of their energy from renewable resources by 2020.

The statewide California Solar Initiative is a solar rebate program for customers of public-owned utilities, such as Southern California Edison.  There are initiatives available for multi-family housing, low-income homeowners, and a variety of other home and business customers.

On a city and county level, the commitment to supporting green energy allows residents to take advantage of programs like LA Department of Water & Power’s rebates for residential solar power customers, as well as the Solar Rooftops rebate program.

Tax credits

Solar Investments Tax Credits (SITC) are still available through the end of 2019 through a federal program. The ITC will be 30% of the total system cost, with no upper limit. This is available for both solar water heating systems and panel installation systems.


There are numerous California fiancial institutions which finance solar energy systems. It’s no longer a new and experimental product. In addition, companies like GreenSky, Mosaic, and Dividend have partnered with businesses to provide services that make installation financing available for their customers. It’s possible to receive zero-down financing for your new solar system.

Selling electricity back

California has made “Net Metering” policies possible. By living in the LA area, you are probably eligible to sell any excess generated energy back to the grid. An efficient solar system will not only reduce your monthly bills dramatically, but it may also begin to pay itself off with energy credits.

High utility bills

California consistently ranks near the top of all the states for utility costs – in June 2018, they were Number 5. With electrical use and rates both so high, it’s a no-brainer to look at ways to reduce charges.

Faster return on investment to date

With the tax credits and other incentives that are offered, it takes less time than ever to realize a return on your investment in solar energy. Most customers are able to pay off their system financing in 4-10 years.

More buyers mean better deals

As more and more customers take advantage of all the credits and incentives, the increased business allows the sellers and contractors to pass on some of the savings. If they are not having to work as hard to sell solar systems, it means lower operating expenses through less advertising and marketing.

Solar energy contractors are better than ever

Unlike a decade ago, there’s actually competition in the solar installation marketplace. As solar energy becomes more standard, the number of qualified contractors has gone up. When you’re pricing new systems, you’re likely to be able to get at least one personal reference on a contractor from someone you know, and you’ll easily be able to find others through online services that list local contractors for the area.

Market demand means that you can get better service, quality, and guarantees, as well as the best deal.

The combination of climate, local, state, and federal government financial incentives, and advances in policy are all creating better market demand in the LA area – and a better deal for you as new solar energy customer. Now is the time to take advantage of the circumstances, and make a move to solar panels.